Botanical Short Stories: call for submissions

I’m delighted to announce that submissions are open for Botanical Short Stories, an anthology of contemporary writing about plants and flowers which will be published by The History Press in spring 2024. The book’s editor is Emma Timpany and illustrations are by RHS Gold medal winning botanical illustrator Sarah Jane Humphrey.

From tokens of love to neolithic burial gifts, bridal bouquets to seasonal wreaths, healing potions to artistic masterpieces, flowers and plants have a multitude of meanings and a long and complex relationship with all our lives. They are the stuff of myth, of gods’ metamorphoses and the emblems of kings and saints. They brighten our homes and bring joy to our senses, delight us in gardens and countryside, convey our emotions, symbolise new birth and human mortality, and yet are often overlooked as an inspiration for writers of fiction.

This stunning collection of contemporary fiction will celebrate the world of flowers and plants and the meanings they hold, in twelve intriguing and surprising new short stories.

I am looking for short stories by new, emerging and established writers which are approximately 3,000-5,000 words long. Please see the submission guidelines for further details.